Distant Feelings

35mm slides, color, silent | variable length | 2021

The rescued remnants of the Distant Feelings project developed from 1977 until 1997 by the artist duo Goliatus & Carabida. The project was an attempt at creating a telepathic cinema. What remains is a contraption they called “Distant Feeler” and a manifesto with the title “Distant Feelings”. 


35mm slides projected through a motorized color wheel and an anamorphic lens. The slides are collaged from two separate slides cut crosswise and taped back together. The color wheel simulates the changes in sunlight in the passing of one day. One turn of the wheel happens in 12 minutes which equals one day of light changes. When installed the wheel is programmed to turn once (for 12 minutes) every hour. The rest of the hour the color wheel is in the night position. A different slide is used for each day of the exhibition. The number of different images to be used depends on the length of the exhibition. 

Accompanying the slides is a text with a short biography of Goliatus & Carabida and the final version of their manifesto, “Distant Feelings”.

Backstory & Manifesto (PDF)
Documentation (PDF)