Instant Life

16mm | 27 min | color | 2022

The three films you will see are shot-for-shot reproductions of the compilation film Instant Life (1981). Each film in Instant Life (1981) was a remake of an earlier film also called Instant Life (1941). The earlier Instant Life (1941) was a single film, not a compilation.

In 2017, we decided to recreate Instant Life (1981). We did not attempt to recreate Instant Life (1941) because that Instant Life is lost. Instant Life (1941) was a silent film presented with live musical accompaniment. After the show, audience members received a printed riddle. Instant Life (1981) is a sound film. The riddle is part of the film. No answer to the riddle exists.

Co-directed with Andrew Kim.


Chicago Underground Film Festival; Chicago, USA 2022
EXiS; Seoul, Korea 2022
ECRÃ; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2022
BIOGENESIS, LA Film Forum; Los Angeles, USA 2022
Festival V-F-X; Ljubljana, Slovenia 2022
Limits of Control – Films by Ojoboca, Museum of the Moving Image; New York, USA 2022
Worldmaking Media Collaborative Showcase, The New School; New York, USA 2022
Prismatic Ground; New York, USA 2022
EMAF; Osnabrück, Germany 2022
Machinalive, Nomadica at LABA; Brescia, Italy 2022
Courtisane Festival; Ghent, Belgium 2022
Berlin International Film Festival – Forum Expanded; Berlin, Germany 2022


Desistfilm, Mónica Delgado
Alt/Kino, Ben Nicholson, Savina Petkova and Patrick Gamble


The New Current, Niger Asije