Now I Want to Laugh

2x 16mm projectors | 15 min | 2014



This is a simulation of a prototype for a “feeling machine” envisioned by Dr. D. Forme in 1917. This simulation is based on a short description and diagram found in the doctor’s notebooks. The description focuses on only one section of the machine. Brief mentions of the other sections were included but no detailed information was discovered. The machine was never built, yet according to the description its purpose was “to replace the faulty mechanism of human emotion”.


Performance History:

Ten Slotte 2: Expanded Moving Images; Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium 2017
25 FPS; Zagreb, Croatia 2017
Independent Film Show, Museo Nitsch; Naples, Italy 2017
FAR OFF art fair; Cologne, Germany 2017
Early Monthly Segments; Toronto, Canada 2016
Visions; Montreal, Canada 2016
Goethe Institut; Barcelona, Spain 2015
Art Cinema OFFoff; Ghent, Belgium 2015
Projekt 66; Cologne, Germany 2015
Kunsthochschule für Medien; Cologne, Germany 2015
Cineworks; Vancouver, Canada 2015
Cinevic; Victoria, Canada 2015
Northwest Film Forum; Seattle, USA 2015
Cinema Project; Portland, USA 2015
Black Hole Cinematheque; Oakland, USA 2015
Crossroads; San Francisco, USA 2015
Echo Park Film Center; Los Angeles, USA 2015
Diffraktion; Caligari Theater, Berlin, Germany 2015
Dresdner Schmalfilmtage; Dresden, Germany 2015
LOFT 345; Guangzhou, China 2014
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art; Beijing, China 2014
Image Forum; Tokyo, Japan 2014