Their Attack is our Escape: Collage and the Undead Film

Non-camera filmmaking.
In our current oversaturated times, most commercial images live for only an instant and just as quickly die. However they don’t disappear. Like corpses that will not rot away they accumulate endlessly, filling up the space for thought, discussion and beauty. For those of us who are claustrophobic there is a simple way out. One needs only to cut, to glue, to color, to tape, to mask. Or to put it more simply: one has to chop up the bodies, sow them back together, shock them into life and watch them dance themselves out the door 24 frames per second, one undead film at a time.
The Collage film workshop aimed to provide the knowledge necessary for the creation of non-camera16mm films with the use of a variety of collage techniques. Over the course of the workshop participants learned to directly manipulate 16mm film by cutting, gluing, taping and transferring images, text and other found materials onto a clear film base. Using newspapers, magazines, color gels, photocopies, and computer printouts each participant brought these images back to life.
This workshop was made possible with the generous support of the Goethe Institute Beijing.


Workshop History:

Ullens Center For Contemporary Art; Beijing, China 2011