A Home Inside

3x 16mm projectors | 20 min | 2013



Now you can protect precious lives with this blast resistant home installed permanently inside your body. Here is a home with all the advantages of any concrete home plus protection from the outer agents of disorder, imbalance and instability.

You know no disorder can be cured without being brought to a crisis. Together with the action of the dream fluid, we will create a representation of the crisis that will dissolve the obstructions that prevent proper circulation and re-establish harmony and equilibrium in every part of your inner home.


Performance History:

Art Cinema OFFoff; Ghent, Belgium 2015
Crossroads; San Francisco, USA 2015 – Audience Choice Award
Otis College; Los Angeles, USA 2015
Ann Arbor Film Festival; Ann Arbor, USA 2015
Kunstraum t27; Berlin, Germany 2014
Cimatheque; Cairo, Egypt 2014
Exploded View Gallery; Tucson, USA 2014
Visions; Montreal, Canada 2014
LIFT Artists-in-Residence Screening; Toronto, Canada 2014
MassArt Film Society; Boston, USA 2013
Millennium Film Workshop; New York, USA 2013
The Red Room; Baltimore, USA 2013
Alternative Measures; Colorado Springs, USA 2013
FilmLab EU symposium at the Münster Film Festival, Münster, Germany 2013
LaborBerlin Spring Screening; Berlin, Germany 2013
Directors Lounge; Berlin, Germany 2013