Come and dance with me

16mm | 4 min | color | 2013


An abridged history of motion pictures:
In 1888 George Eastman registered the made up word “Kodak” as a trademark.
In 1894 Jean Aimé “Acme” Le Roy presented the first film screening in New York City.
In 1895 Auguste and Louis Lumière filmed workers leaving their factory in Lyon.
In 1903 Thomas Alva Edison orchestrated and captured on film the electrocution of an elephant in Coney Island.
In 2011 Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy filmed dwarfs dancing on a stage at an amusement park in China.
In 2012 Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy.



Urban Landscapes; MOVIMCAT (online platform), 2020
Echo Park Film Center; Los Angeles, USA 2017
Iris Film Collective; Vancouver, Canada 2015
Otis College; Los Angeles, USA 2015
Exploded View; Tucson, USA 2014
MassArt Film Society; Boston, USA 2013
Millennium Film Workshop; New York, USA 2013
The Red Room; Baltimore, USA 2013
La Ghetto IV; Barcelona, Spain 2013
Haverhill Experimental Film Festival; Haverhill, USA 2013
Goethe Haus; Jakarta, Indonesia 2013
ITB; Bandung, Indonesia 2013
Mindpirates e.V.; Berlin, Germany 2013