The Skin is Good

16mm | 12 min | color | 2018

The skin fiend is a stranger. He sent us strange messages (and a package). In the last message the skin fiend said,

“Try to be skin fiends for a moment. How, you ask? Well, to be a skin fiend one has to summon the skin demon. To summon the skin demon, one has to say the skin prayer (see attached). Before one says the skin prayer, one has to take command of the skin receptacles (see package). But the skin receptacles must never be touched. They are objects of the mind. One may only interact with the skin receptacles through sense memory. How can one remember what has never been physically experienced?

The skin fiend remembers the future. In the future, he remembers that the skin fiend has already seen the skin demon. In the future, he remembers that the skin fiend has already touched the skin demon. In the future, he remembers that the skin fiend and the skin demon are the same because in the future, the skin fiend has no eyes and the skin demon has no hands and yet the skin demon can touch what the skin fiend sees, and the skin fiend can see what the skin demon touches. But what the skin demon touches and what the skin fiend sees evaporate from memory once seen and touched. In the future, he remembers that the skin fiend remembers the sense of having forgotten. This sense is marked by a trace. The trace is a scent. In the future you remember, perhaps you will remember this scent and with any luck you will also forget it.”

We made this film for you, skin fiend. What do you think?


Limits of Control – Films by Ojoboca, Museum of the Moving Image; New York, USA 2022
Cinemancia Festival Metropolitano de Cine; Envigado, Sabaneta, Colombia 2021
Alternative Film/Video Festival; Belgrade, Serbia 2019 – List of significant achievements
University of Colorado Boulder; Boulder, USA 2019
Anthology Film Archives; New York, USA 2019
WNDX; Winnipeg, Canada 2019
LaborBerlin Summer Screening; Berlin, Germany 2019
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Labs; Oberhausen, Germany 2019
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival; Milwaukee USA 2019
Light Field; San Francisco, USA 2019
REDCAT; Los Angeles, USA 2018
The Lexington Film League Showcase; Lexington, USA 2018
Wexner Center for the Arts; Columbus, USA 2018
Microscope Gallery; New York, USA 2018
Avvistamenti, Bisceglie; Italy 2018
Chicago Underground Film Festival; Chicago, USA 2018
EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany 2018